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Lighthouse Management Services

Your Guiding Light Toward the Shores of Success



From maintaining and tracking inventory, to regulation compliance, our management services are here to help. We can also provide temporary managerial solutions to bridge the gap during staffing transitions or we can provide oversight on a more permanent basis. Click below to schedule a consultation to see how we can help you better manage your business. 



Our Financial Analysis service provides clients with a detailed evaluation of their business in order to determine it's profitability and strengths. Lighthouse Management Services will identify trends, forecasts, and projections within your company to help spot potential growth and improvement opportunities. This can help you focus on making important decisions to keep your business trending in the right direction.



A successful sales force is essential to the bottom line. We provide customer focused sales training to help sales team members achieve their goals and your goals for them as the business owner. In addition to sales training we also provide training in customer service. Having excellent customer service is what will set you apart from your competition. We provide training to your employees so they can build their communication skills, resulting in effective and positive interactions with your customers. We can create scripts for answering phones and addressing common customer issues.



If you feel that you need assistance in your business in the areas of bookkeeping and payroll, but not to the extent of needing managerial help, take a look at our Small Business packages.



In addition to our typical services that focus on business guidance and administrative tasks, through one of our partners we are also now proud to offer creatives services such as logo and website creation as well as podcast and video production. Let us connect you with our partner so they can help you make your business look as good online and it is in the real world.

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