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Own Your Business. Own Your Time.

Lighthouse allows you to reclaim your time so you 
don't miss opportunities and lose money.

Let us handle your administrative needs,
so you can 
grow your business.

Or Call Now and Schedule Your Free Consultation

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Here's What We Can Take Off Your Plate
To Help You Stay On Track and Grow

No matter where you are in your journey of business ownership,
Lighthouse has a solution that can help.

Small Business Solutions

For the growing business that is up and running and ready to pass off some tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll. The key to business growth is finding the tasks that are taking up your time and keeping you too busy to focus on growth, and delegating out those tasks and buying your time back. If you are ready to take the next step and put yourself back on the trajectory of growth, click below and look at

Lighthouse Small Business Solutions.

Management Services

For the established business that has reached a point that justifies having a team dedicated to management, analysis, and financials. We provide these services through Lighthouse Management Services and can operate for you on a level similar to a CFO. Click below and let us guide you to the next level of success.

Launch Tower

Tailored for the young up start to give them everything they need all in one location to put their business on the strongest trajectory towards success. The Launch Tower is co-working done differently, pairing affordable office space with the guidance from our Small Business Solutions package, The Launch Tower Initiative truly is the best way to launch your business. 



 "Larry and Lighthouse have done a great job and have exceeded my expectations. The relationship has gone way beyond what we originally hired him to do.  Lighthouse has been an invaluable resource to me. I would strongly and enthusiastically recommend Lighthouse to you. " 

Dan Buck

CEO of Pathologist Diagnostic Laboratories

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